Hidup dilemma Psoriasis


Hai peeps !

Beberapa hari  yang lepas aku ada buat entry pasal psoriasis kan. So now i wanna tell you my side of the story pulak.

It started when i was in the 6th grade . My head feel itchy like hell, i tell my mother about it but she said "it okay dear, it probably just dandruff" and she proceed buy me a dandruff shampoo.. Yet its still itch no matter how hard i rub it, scratch it, how many time i washed my hair .Then they said i had lice instead (duhh , i was itching like hell.. on the scalp!!) it didn't last long enough.. at least for me.. even i was lice-free, it still itching . It itching like crazy that i started to pulled each strand of my hair out .every time i pulled one out out , the itch gone.. yet it came back not long after which make me pulled even more (at that time i didn't know it has nothing to do with hair root a all) My mom started to see my bad habits and scolded me deeply ... i don't care i just hope it stop ..Then something weird started to happen , every area i scratch started to bleed . And became this flaky white skin ..i started to wash my hair everyday ,twice a day ..ruining my hair and my scalp .But its still there..i have tried all kinds of home remedy and medication for it . Still no use .. Until today.. I'm 19 years old and I'm still dealing with this .. i have this huge psoriasis at the back of my ear .. i know somebody might watch and get into this eccky feeling but they don't know anything ..oh yeah .. did i tell you that it also affected my fingernails? My nails turn yellowish and it has this tiny bent. It turn out ugly , at one time i didn't want to show my fingers( well you have to etc. paying something, lending something) to anyone even my to friends .Do you know i was enlisted to join PLKN or National Service? With all this happening to me ? ayoo . nayyy !! When i was on my teenage phase, i was so self conscious about my face, skin, hair blah blah blah~ but now i don't care anymore... Just be it or leave it .. Until recently (not so recent ) My dad brought me this one thing called beprosalic lotion . My dad was so persistent to make me use it . and i do irritated by it maybe because i know its is no use and there's no cure so why bother trying.. well , i came to far now.... i use it on my whim, because i don't want to expected anything because it will lead me into another depressing failure.. few weeks later, my psoriasis have cured! Not like purely cured but at least it disappear (i know it will come back) but that make me soo happy .. why ? because i have given hope  and now i found back hope to at least make it gone temporily  ...im writing this to spread my words to those of you who have psoriasis, don't lose hope .. there's always hope either we found it sooner or later .. Allah is merciful and loving toward His people . i found mine and InsyaAllah you will found yours .
Sorry for the bajet English post .. 

Untuk kengkorang yang ada psoriasis , beprosalic lotion ni sangat recommended . sumpah ta tipu ! But kena sabar tunggu result dia . setakat 2,3 hari mana nak nampak and kena gak guna secara berterusan .. InsyaAllah berkesan.. (cari yang sebijik camni ! ada dijual kat pharmacy)

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  1. hope u getting better :) dont forget to pray :D

  2. Hye ubat ni boleh pakai dekat badan tak ? body i full penuh satu badan , serious im crying and feel sampai tak nak dah badan ni .. ada ubat pape yang boleh dikenalkan ?

    1. hi, you boleh contact i dekat
      - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Baekhyuns-fingers-fangirl/1462030584027133
      or ffany.xi@gmail.com untuk pertanyaan lebih lanjut dan senang sikit nak reply :)

      ya, ubat ni boleh pakai dekat badan. Alhamdulillah setakat ni yang dekat belakang telinga i dah okay : )

  3. I juga salah sorg yg ada masalah psoriasis..but rsa macam da tahap truk...thank 4 recommended..i akan cuba cari.


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