Killer Toon (Korean Movie)


Directed by Kim Yong Kyun (The Sword with No Name), the dark and visceral horror thriller Killer Toon revolves around a webtoon artist whose comic foretells murder. The film parallels the comic drawings with live-action to depict chilling murder scenes that are both horrifying and visually stunning. Lee Si Young (How to Use Guys with Secret Tips) stars as the artist with a dark secret while Uhm Ki Joon (Man of Vendetta) is the detective investigating the serial murders. Webtoon artist Ji Yoon's (Lee Si Young) career is finally taking off with the success of her new horror webcomic about ghostly grudges and gruesome deaths. But then her macabre stories start coming true in reality, the artwork mirroring the crime scenes to the dot. Ambitious detective Lee Ki Cheol (Uhm Ki Joon) takes the case and starts investigating Ji Yoon and the terrifying secret behind her comics that foreshadow death.

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  1. bisa kasih link buat download film nya ga? yang simple kalo bisa. tq:)

    1. @AACSN

      hi:) Boleh refer sini ya

  2. what is name of your blog's backround song ?

    1. you can find it here

    2. It's called RESET and it's by TIGER JK. It was also on a Korean drama's OST (that drama was SCHOOL 2015: WHO ARE YOU).

    3. anon was asking a song in my blog over a year ago. it was miracle in december at that time. thanks anyway :)


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