Questions ❤ #2


Assalamualaikum & hi guys ^^

I received questions on my ASK.FM yehet~~

i assume both of this come from the same person
Yes, i'm a exotic/ exo stan newbie ^^

Well, at first i came for Sehunnie & Suho and by the time to leave, D.O, Kris & Baekhyun made me stay. And therefore i was trapped in the Exo labyrinth, can't find the way out and came to love these all the 12 boys. There's always the time where my bias list keep wrecked because of certain member but i won't tell you who have broke it the most :D ~~  Kamsamida for the question ^^

:O :O :O :O Are you a wizard anyhow :O :O :O :O

 This is my wallpaper with all the clutter widgets(●´□`)

  And this is my wallpaper without all those widgets ( ˘ ³˘)

And this is my lock wallpaper (ω ) ~ Even i'm a Exotic but i'm still a Blackjack, Vip, Elf, Cassie, Sone, Boice, Baby, Kiss me and moree (>’o’)> <(‘o’<) Spread love not hate yaww

Yeah, these few days a few song kinda stuck in my head which i've heard once or twice.

1. Exo- Don't go
2. Exo - Heart attack
3. CL - Mental breakdown
4. Got7 - I like you
5. Orange caramel - Catallena

Yes, i was in school netball team & hand ball team. I prefer outdoor sports more than indoor sports.

Kamsamida for the question guys ~ Keep em' coming ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡

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