Meet Haru, The Human Plushie ✿ฺ✿ฺ


Assalamualaikum & hi guys :)

Nowdays aku rasa suka sangat menjahit. Ingat tak masa sekolah menengah dulu ada kelas kemahiran hidup? And ada satu syllabus tu adalah pasal jahitan? Yeah , aku dapat C dalam syllabus tu :(

But sekarang ni aku suka sangat tengok felt2 yang telah dijahit macam phone casing, tablet casing, pillow, or simply just a charm, nampak comel sangat. And aku ada jahit few plushie yang end up being my sister toys. I was planning to selling it tapi memandangkan dia da peluk ketat2 plushie tu ...So.. Let it go ~ let it go~

Lepas dah jahit 5,6 plushie, rasa nak buat something mencabar pulak, and i have an idea iaitu to make a doll plushie. A human doll sebab before this just a plushie ya'know. And thats the moment i told myself, "YEAH! lets do this.!!"


side view

back view

front view

Meet Haru, my first ever human plushie :) Take me approximately 2.5 days to completely finish only the body and 1 more day for the hair and the dress.

Actually ada banyak giler errors dalam making this. Contohnya, benang tu sepatutnya warna coklat, the dress suppose to be blue and since its and clutter design, tak nampak dah collar dia and sepatutnya ada poket & button. And it suppose to have shoes tapi imma to lazy too make that :O

And seems like the doll is under stuffing . Macam  cikeding jer kan. Ohh, and the hair is removeable tau ^^ so that kekonon boleh padankan stail rambut dengan dress lain nanti . Acececeh.

I should make more so that Haru won't feel alone kan. Or should i try make other thing pulak?

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