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"Thread of Lies" deals with the aftereffects of a suicide by a 14-year-old girl. The story follows the mother, older sister and others who knew the young girl.


Honestly i was kinda lost at the beginning of the movie. I just don't understand what's going on since the plot flow is quite slow pace. But i manage to catch up at the middle. I have to say i really like Go Ahsung's portrayal of the character as the big sister who dealt with her sister death with guilt but soon her guilt turns into anger and she try to investigate what drove her sister to end her life. And let's not forget about Kim Yoojung as the sister's friend who is connected to her suicide. As the story flow, it unravel her true personality which is a kinda vicious bully as she resort to cyber bullying, rumors and etc for popularity. And her best friend which i forgot the name because honestly i'm so mad at her for turning her back on the sister when she gets bullied and do nothing when the bullying gets worse. Honestly i hate bullies so much. Regardless physical bullies or emotional bullies. And this movie shows a pinch of what the victim of bullying felt, what and how it impact the victim's family and one of driving force behind suicide. So this movie is kinda hard for me to watch The ending kinda makes me choked up a little because what the sister said is true, people only listen when the victim is no longer alive.  Either way, as i said before, the plot flow very slow in my opinion, i feel like the whole movie is flat and anti climatic and its okay if you want to watch a slow pace mellow type of movie with impact message.

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March 13, 2014

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    1. ye sis, cerita da lama keluar panggung tapi eng sub dia baru2 je keluar. trylah tengok sis :)


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