Is Exo Lotto that bad?


Okay ni promoter exo nak promote Exo's latest comeback.First of all, exo dropped their latest repackaged album which is LOTTO few days ago. Why baru nak promote? Because im a slowpoke.

Now let me bring you to a little journey

1. First of all let's watch the official Mv. Warning: few bunyi-bunyian mungkin akan mengejutkan korang and probably not your cup of tea tapi korang tengok je mv confirm akan suka at the end of this.

2. Still tak confident? Rasa nak reply lagi mv? Rasa attacked by kehandsome-an dorang sampai korang tak dapat focus tengok MV? Okay now watch the chinese version of it.

Masih tak dapat feel? Tak faham storyline mv? Ulang balik step 1 - 2 sampai feel tu masuk Haha. So lotto ni dia include 3 lagu baru which is lotto, can't bring me down, she's dreaming and satu remix monster. Yang lain still sama from Exact album. All three new songs are my favourite and i keep replaying it over and over since the repackaged album released.

Totally recommend listening to this whole album just like what i said about Exodus and Overdose. Very quality b-tracks let alone title track. Lotto is very jamming songs and the autotune might sound a bit messy at first but it'll grow on you trust me. Not the type of autotuning song because of terrible vocals but the autotune is for the song flow and in my opinion it flowed well with the song.

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