So I Married an Anti-fan (Chinese movie) [streaming link]


The story is about a female reporter who marries a male celebrity after previously hating him and becoming an anti-fan, the polar opposite of a fan.

My review: SPOILER AHEAD!!

I watched this few days ago and despite of all the bad reviews, i find it quite interesting. It's funny and eventhough the storyline IS cliche, at least it meant for comedy purpose. A journalist (who report and writes false reports) get into a fight with a top star and starts to be his anti fan after it cause her to get fired off her work. Basically if you know WGM (we got married; korean variety show) it is kinda similar to that except it cast a anti fan and a top star. It packed with funny scene but some things is quite weird and off. Maybe just lost in translation (since i watched from a youtube video instead of the one in streaming link). Few thing i noticed is some of chanyeol's scene is dubbed since his mouth obviously doesn't match with the audio. Understandable because he had to speak his line in chinese which is pretty hard if you ask me. And his expression is kinda hit and miss. Some look a bit off but other than that he did a pretty good job. While shan shan did a very good job portraying her character. Not your usual damsel in distress. I watched this for the comedic purpose and im quite satisfied with it. i'll rated it 4/5

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