[REVIEW] Pineng.com.my - 20000mAh Pineng powerbank PN-969 & PN-304 Speed & Data Charging Cable [2 in 1]


Hi guys, today im going to give a short review for the Pineng Powerbank & USB Cable i just bought from pineng.com.my

I placed my order at pineng.com.my on 01/01/16 and make payment on the same date and the parcel arrive two days later (its supposed to arrive on 02/01 but for some reason it was stuck at the post laju for the whole day). The ordering was smooth and easy, very quick respond from seller (whatsapp'ed them the payment proof - by atm transfer and get immediate respond), fast delivery (get tracking number few hours after placing order and make payment). I overpaid few ringgit and the seller even refund it and included it in the parcel.

Received the parcel today (03/01/16). Parcel is in good condition. For some reason i'm very excited for no reason haha.

After unload the item inside i get one red PN-304 Speed & Data Charging Cable [2 in 1], one white 20000mAh Pineng powerbank PN-969, one free gift powerbank pouch, invoice/warranty and money refund which tally with my order.

Box - Front

Box - Side 1

Box - Back

Box - Side 2
Box is in really good condition, serial code is there at the back of the box and still intact and unscratched. But the box is unseal and im not sure if it's because i told them to double check the stuff and they removed the seal to check on it or it really come without a seal from the first place. 

One micro USB cable is included inside the box along with one small user manual.

Cable and power bank. Gold coloured Pineng logo is printed on the powerbank body.

The back of the powerbank. The model, mAh, output input detail are printed.

Micro usb cable have 'pineng' printed on it.

Two cable port with different output charge

I tried charging it because i thought it would either in low or half charge/battery but i was so shocked it was at full charge (not sure if it always been like this with powerbank but please dont judge me haha). At this point i'm very pleased and satisfy.

Now i'm going to review the 2 in 1 USB cable. So basically this is just like normal usb but it have two head(?) which is micro usb and lightning interface device. One meter length and have one month warranty. Made from environmental PET + aluminium, very flexible. Can be use for charging or data syncing.

Just Charge!
The box is in nice condition, just like the powerbank, and yes, without seal as well.

micro usb at the bottom.
So far i'm very satisfy over this and pineng.com.my is definitely a safe place to buy powerbank ( if you're scared of being scam). Very fast, smooth and efficient, no defect detected on item, trustable seller. I'm very pleased and highly recommend the product as well as the seller.
I have tried the powerbank on within a short moment but i'll post it in another post instead.

Thank you for reading.

All the words in this post is purely my opinion and review. This is not a sponsored post.

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