Goodbye, Pokemon Go

personal 14:00:00

RM1 a Day Challenge

personal 11:54:00

500 Sit-ups in 7 Days Challenge!

personal 11:45:00

Story Telling: ExoluxionaInMalaysia Concert Experience

exoluxion 15:15:00

ExoluxionaInMalaysia Concert: Rants

exoluxion 14:48:00

Beauty Box Giveaway by Sally Samsaiman!

giveaway 10:14:00

Alien Words Are Fun Except The Part Where You Forgot How To Decode It

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Drafting most of my post !


Storytime : I can't say no to pemintak derma

personal 13:43:00

Silenced/The Crucible (Korean Movie) [stream link]

kmovie 12:38:00

Train to busan (Korean movie) [stream link]

kmovie 16:00:00

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