Alien Words Are Fun Except The Part Where You Forgot How To Decode It


I have no idea what the hell am i writing . If i remember correctly it's some kind of secret code or something that suppose to be a secret that me and my friend invented so we can like super communicating in secret . The fun part is that i don't remember how to decode it and i'm pretty sure its not a ramen recipe that's for sure. Its pretty fun to do this with your friend except the convert 26 alphabet into alien alphabet and forgot it 12 years later part.

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  1. Menarik! hehe.. sayang la dah tak ingat :P

    1. @The Estrella

      Hehe. Kene cungkil balik ni..

  2. That's cute . Can't you remember what it was?

    -Jane xoxox

    1. @anon

      Unfortunately i can't remember the slightest thing on what i wrote here >w< *cries grossly*


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