[REVIEW] April Skin Marble & Black Magic Stone


April Skin Marble Magic Stone 
💕 The soap contains only natural oils. 
💕 Concentrated formula with natural ingredients! No chemical components! 100% natural soap. 
💕 No fracture of natural ingredients due ND-CP method, enhancing the effects of extracts. 
💕 Lush and dense foam contains fermented EM bacteria. 
💕 Glycerin promotes skin hydration, retains moisture for a long time. 
💕 Does not contain preservatives, artificial colour, chemical curing agents, artificial flavors.  

April Skin Black Magic Stone
💕Contains natural wood charcoal powder, obtained from the province of Gangwon. 
💕 Ratio of soap and powder is 1:1 
💕 Recommended for oily skin, skin prone to acne, removes light makeup. 
💕 In the evening, it is recommended to use as a mask, the exposure mask** 30 seconds. 
💕 Deep cleansing of the skin, thanks to nano-particles of soap.

Both product is chemical free and i always wanted to try and tested and see how would my skin react to this type of cleanser. I have combination skin but nowadays its leaning more towards oily skin and especially on the T-Zone area. 

On day 1 i tried this product, it give me that fresh after wash feeling. Definitely cleared out the oil on my face. Both product give the same result but i noticed that the Black Stone leave me with a bit more of a drying finish.

Few days after using this i noticed that my skin breaking out. Pimples starts to pop out from my forehead and cheeks. I don't know if this product is the "it will force all the pimple out then once all the toxic are out you'll have a nice skin permanently" or the "its because this product doesn't suit you, immediately stop now" type of product. So i choose to stop using it on my face and start to use it on my body instead.

(+) Its getting cheaper nowadays. You can bought both for (under) RM50
(+) It doing a good job on clearing the oil and get rid off makeup.
(+) Can be use as mask
(+-) It had a lot of foam, but too much foam will strip off your natural oil. So its a plus minus.

(-) The soap is actually slimy once it had contact with water. Means the more it had contact with water, the more product will get washed out.
(-) Kinda drying. 
(-) Will cause break out if not suitable with your skin
(-) Kinda unhygienic since you have to use same bar soap for your face over and over. (risk for bacteria growth)

I have psoriasis and i've talked about this before right? I noticed that some of the spot starting to fade away and some spot starting to sting less. From that moment, i used it on my body instead especially on the spots. The psoriasis didn't fade faster but it does the trick, just slower.. Very-very slow. I saw my skin improvement after a week and that is just a subtle change.

In my opinion, its better to use this type of body wash rather than the one with chemical because chemical ones usually leave me with dried skin and the spots will stings or gets itchy after shower.

I basically just use it like a normal bar soap. Use it on every shower. Sometimes i just use it as a mask and let it sits for a couple of minutes before rinsing it. After drying, immediately put some moisturizing cream on that psoriasis area.

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