So I Married an Anti-fan (Chinese movie) [streaming link]

cmovie 14:38:00

Shopaholic Louis (Korean drama) [streaming link]

kdrama 13:00:00

Hansel and Gretel (Korean movie) [streaming link]

kmovie 11:50:00

Hot Young Blood (Korean movie) [streaming link]

kmovie 11:25:00

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Korean drama) [streaming link]

kdrama 10:57:00

W - Two worlds (Korean movie) [streaming link]

kdrama 10:00:00

Tutorial: How to download Youtube video / How to convert Youtube video into MP3 or Gifs

tutorial 16:14:00

Bukan tak nak masak, tapi...

personal 15:51:00

Time For Giveaway by Aienzunnur

giveaway 16:52:00

NDS Friend Code

ac:nl 15:09:00

Stop being a korean wannabe! (food edition)

personal 12:11:00

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