Stop being a korean wannabe! (food edition)


Hi guys. I remembered few months ago while i'm scrolling through twitter i stumbled across a tweet that sound like this:

"why do you (fangirls) always eat Korean food? You're a malaysian, not some korean blood person so why don't you just act like a Malaysian and stop glorify another country's food/culture?" or "stop being a koreaboo (korean wannabe)"

Not the exact quote but somewhere similar to it. I've heard some people around me saying the same thing too. But most importantly, why CAN'T i like another country's food? Does this bother people so much that they HAD to point it out loud? 

Lately i been enjoying eating korean food because it matches my taste bud, not because i glorify Korea or im a koreaboo. I ate sushi, udon and bento too. Even sometimes, tokoyaki. But i don't really like much tokoyaki which is weird because i like to pronounce "TOKOYAKI" yet i cant stomach it meanwhile my mom and lil sister is crazy for it. Basically i ate everything that matches my taste bud.

My point is, not all fangirl GLORIFY Korea except for some of the hardcore ones but yet that basically it. I like eating regardless whichever country's food it is just that lately it happened to be Korean food. I do eat Nasi Lemak dan Satay too. Even roti canai is my top favourite. So please if you're somehow dissatisfied by fangirls or all this korean food exposure/hype/craze, it is really unnecessary to attack us on that. 

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