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My friend code is 1650-4072-7298

Since i'm just new to playing animal crossing, my town is kinda... messy? Definitely a newbie's town haha. Anyways if you still want to be friends then add me and comment yours below.

Other games that i play are Pokemon Omega Ruby and Mario something (going to amend later). I'm planning to get Kingdom Heart:3D Dream Drop Distance and/or Harvest moon: New beginning later because the reason i get N3DS is for these two but at the time i bought my NDS, these two games are not available at the moment. But at least i got pokemon and animal crossing. And if you're curious, the price for one NDS game cartridge (is it called cartridge?) is around RM150+. Honestly i'm so shocked when i found out ahaha.

Ps: Planning to repair my PSP since i really miss playing Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon and GTA and not to mention the cd rom is a lot cheaper than NDS *cries*

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thanks for stopping by- I love reading your comments! I'll always reply so check back in a few days if you've asked me any questions x

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