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So i'm gonna put all answered question here altogether .You can ask me anything on the comment section below and i will answer it here aswell . keep scrolling down if for new and updated question/answer.

so, finally yesterday i just notice that i have some question from my and for some reason i didn't get any comment on my blogger notification (and somehow it popped out of nowhere yesterday)

#1 Blog Question

referring to the werewolf boy

sorry for the late reply ara , buat for now i don't think there's any downloadable file for The Werewolf Boy at the moment . (there is but i don't wanna risk it by downloading viruses as well. The site doesn't look trustworthy enough)


Yeahh , finally somebody asking me something (^////^) sso, i finally find some source for it (phewwhh .) and i've replace the broken link to the new one :) enjoy ^^ click here

#2 Blog Question

 There's so many people asking for the song title .Makes me wonder if i should or should not change the song anytime soon :D The song title is dady long legs by Baek Ah yeon and it is one of the OST for korean drama Cheong-damdong Alice.

Just like the question from before , you can torrent it (if you know how to) since i don't really use torrent because if give tons of viruses in my comp. you can use any downloader application/software like IDM ..
Just download the HDrip or Dvdrip for HQ and HD watching experience and then just download the engsub later .

 #3 Blog Question

 I'm gonna give you answer just like above . But i find a download link which i guess is trustworthy enough. i'm not responsible if you downloaded any spyware/malware/virus along. download on your own risk. this apply on every download link i've provided. You can ask the author for the password. i'm gonna link it on the page . CLICK HERE

 #4 Blog Question*New

Thanks :) you can browse on the STUFF/OTHER ---> BLOG SONGS for previous and new songs :)

Thanks anon :3 Boleh tengok kat tab STUFF/OTHER ---> BLOG SONGS untuk list2 lagu2 blog yang lama & baru.

please clicky click to read

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  1. ye la. lagu background ni memang sayu je dengar ^^,

    awak di tag dalam liebster award nomination :)


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