Exo comeback stage, V apps and gifts!


Okay so i stumble across this when i was searching for exo sing for you picture teaser (remember the whale?lol)

As you can see they're going to give (early)Christmas present to the fans when they reach 1 million followers. Exo's V app follower is at 900,601, so can we get 1 million before 12/10? Dun dun dunn~

For all of you wondering, this apps is called V app its a platform where they'll broadcasting live through this app and interact with fans. Most of the time i don't know what are they talking about but yeah, i still wanna see them aha and there will be a replay video in case you missed the live broadcast. There's many more k-idol who uses this apps such as BigBang, GD, BTS and many more.

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