As a stan, when does the reality hit you?


1. [+382, -1] When the concert ends, I go, "We're the same human yet we're so different..." I'm just one of the countless fans.
2. [+282, -6] When I spend money, buy their albums, stream their music, and buy their lightstick... I wonder why I have to do this when they don't even know me.
3. [+275, -3] For them, I'm nothing but one of their endless fans, but it's not the same for me

As a stan, reality hits me when i realised that they (idols) already have their life together at a young age, some are way more younger than me. And i'm here still waiting for my opportunity while they already have a career, stable financial income and stable life while living their dream.

As a stan, reality hits me when i went to their concert and feels special because its the first time and best day for me but just another day for them.

As a stan, reality hits me when i know that one day i might leave this behind and face the real world. One day when the group i stan are no longer the trend or maybe disband and new generation of rookies will replaced them and so on.

As a stan, reality hits me when i realized that the idols i stan is a normal human being too. They've struggled to achieved their own dream, struggled to face the fans, antis and sasaeng, struggled to face the criticism, struggled to trained to perform to keep their head up after getting dragged out after controversy. Realizing that they might date and get married one day. Realizing that i live a peaceful life compared to them.

As a stan, reality hits me when i open my wallet and realizing payday is still days away and im going to missed out the album group order or the merch. Demmit

As a stan, reality hits me when i realized that i can still enjoying being a fangirl and enjoying KPOP as a stress reliever while slowly achieving my goals and dream.

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